Palm Tree Trimming & Skinning Service in Los Angeles

Palm trees have been a major part of the Los Angeles landscape since they were popularized in the 19th century. These attractive trees can be found on many private residences and commercial properties in the area. It’s no big secret why Southern California is in love with palm trees—not only do they look nice, they also boost the market value of the property. They have become closely associated across the globe with the glitz and glamour of the L.A. lifestyle.

However, these trees must be carefully maintained to keep them from losing their visual appeal and developing other harmful problems. You can count on Arboles Care Tree Service, Inc., to provide affordable palm tree trimming and skinning service that will keep these charming landscape features in good condition all year round.

What Is Palm Tree Trimming & Skinning?

Trimming and skinning are two separate but related types of maintenance services performed on palm trees. Trimming is the process of removing old or dead fronds from the palm tree; it is typically done once or twice a year. Skinning (also called skimming) involves removing the rough bark left behind by the trimming process.

Why Trimming & Skinning Are Important

Palm tree skinning and trimming service provides a number of key benefits:

  • Improves the appearance of the tree – Poorly maintained palm trees are unsightly, with old fronds and uneven texture. Trimming and skinning restores the elegance of these trees.
  • Removes fire hazards – Old, dried-up fronds can and do catch fire, which poses an obvious threat to any buildings in the area.
  • Reduces insect infestation – Dead fronds tend to attract mites and other tiny destructive pests. Removing the fronds helps discourage their presence in your precious palm trees and the rest of your property.

Some people try to handle their trimming and skinning duties by themselves, but it’s easy to cause serious injury to your trees if you are not experienced with these maintenance tasks. With our affordable palm tree services, there’s no need for DIY solutions that could do more harm than good.

List of Services

The following is a partial list of our skinning and trimming services; contact us for more information.

  • Mexican fan palm skinning and trimming
  • King palm skinning and trimming
  • Kentia palm skinning and trimming
  • Pygmy date palm skinning and trimming
  • Sago palm skinning and trimming
  • Senegal date palm skinning and trimming
  • Needle palm skinning and trimming
  • Royal palm skinning and trimming
  • California palm tree skinning and trimming


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