Expert Tree Services in Los Angeles County


Arboles Care (License #: 967314) provides expert tree maintenance and tree removal services for residential, commercial, and nonprofit customers (e.g. churches) in cities across Los Angeles County, including:

Calabasas Encino Tarzana
Malibu Woodland Hills Hollywood
Glendale Santa Clarita Hidden Hills
Warner Center Reseda Pasadena
Santa Monica Beverly Hills Porter Ranch


Why Regular Tree Care Is So Important

Regular tree maintenance is essential for preserving the beauty, vitality, and safety of your trees. Healthy trees beatify your property and make it more inviting, and they boost your property value.

The experts at Arboles Care are trained to work with different types of native and non-native species. We know how to properly prune and trim—and when it’s appropriate to do so—to keep your trees healthy and strong. With proper routine care your trees will be better able to withstand increasingly common drought conditions in Southern California, which make trees more vulnerable to pests and disease.

Our reputation is built on excellent service and trust—it’s why we won Best of HomeAdvisor awards three years in a row (2016, 2017, and 2018).


Tree Service Customized to Your Needs

The team at Arboles Care makes expert recommendations on caring for your trees, whether you have native species like Western Sycamore and Live Oak, non-natives like eucalyptus and Sweet Gum, or a combination of the two. We offer the following services (and more): 

Tree Removal

We use the most advanced tools in the industry to remove dead, dying, and unsightly trees quickly and efficiently.           

Tree Pruning

Pruning trees helps improve the structural integrity of many tree species by reducing the weight of heavy branches and limbs; pruning can also improve a tree’s appearance.

Crown Reduction and Lifting

Selectively removing living tree branches (crown reduction) can help prevent a tree’s crown from spreading and growing into power lines. Removing the lower branches of a tree (crown lifting) can help improve clearance between a tree’s lower branches and the ground; this can help light reach the ground for better ground cover growth.

Stump Removal

Tree stumps can cause a variety of problems. Not only are they unsightly, they can also attract pests, create a trip hazard, and lead to unwanted new tree growth. Our team uses a powerful stump grinder to remove tree stumps, which grinds down both the stump and the roots to prevent new growth.

Palm Tree Services

We offer palm skinning to help reduce falling debris and make your property safer, as well as palm tree removal for unsightly, dead, diseased, or otherwise unwanted palm trees.

Power Line Clearing

It’s vital to keep tree branches and limbs away from power lines, especially in California’s ongoing drought conditions. Arboles Care has experience clearing branches and limbs away from power lines, coordinating with local utility companies as needed.

Fruit Tree Pruning

Pruning fruit trees properly and at the right time of year can help ensure they produce fruit and grow well.

Emergency Tree Care

Storms and high winds can cause large limbs and branches to break off, creating a safety hazard and damaging property. Arboles Care is available for emergency tree care for fallen branches, toppled trees, and other urgent issues.

Learn more about our tree services in Los Angeles, CA and contact us today. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.