Emergency Tree Services for Los Angeles, Ventura & Santa Barbara County


Just like a fire or burst pipe, a falling tree can be sudden, traumatic, and highly damaging to your property. When a tree or big branches fall, you need a fast response from a team that can do the job properly. To protect you and your family – or your business – when disaster strikes, you need Arboles Care Tree Service.


Why You Might Need Emergency Tree Removal

Despite its beauty, there’s always an element of danger in nature. Trees can come down without warning for a number of reasons, including disease, age, drought, and strong winds and storms, and even a single broken branch can cause a number of hazards.

When you’ve got a fallen tree on your property, you should get it removed promptly to:

  • Minimize further damage to your property
  • Remove the potential danger to your family, customers, or surrounding vehicles
  • Stop it from rotting and ruining your landscape
  • Make sure the tree doesn’t interfere with public utilities, like electricity
  • Avoid inconveniencing your neighbors

Even if the tree is still intact and upright, emergency tree removal is often a wise choice when faced with:

  • A diseased or aged tree that could fall at any moment and cost you much more in damage
  • An approaching intense storm or high-level winds
  • A tree that’s encroaching illegally on a neighbor’s property
  • Quickly selling a house where the tree is diminishing the property value


Why Hire Us?

Tree removal in an emergency situation is difficult and delicate work, and you’ll need a team of skilled arborists to make sure the tree is removed in the right way. Arboles Care Tree Service is the right choice to get rid of any dangerous tree, because we:

  • Always put safety first
  • Always look after your home or business and its surrounds, and treat them with respect
  • Have the knowledge to assess current and potential dangers with your trees
  • Employ fully insured and qualified technicians and the latest in equipment
  • Respond to all emergencies rapidly and professionally


Areas We Service

We provide award-winning maintenance, assessment, and emergency tree services to homes and businesses across:

  • Santa Barbara County, including:
    • Santa Maria
    • Santa Barbara
    • Lompoc
  • Ventura County, including:
    • Oxnard
    • Thousand Oaks
    • Simi Valley
  • Los Angeles County, including:
    • Los Angeles
    • Glendale
    • Long Beach

Don’t Wait for the Worst: Contact Us Today

Emergency tree services are all about timing. Whether a tree’s about to fall or it’s already done damage to your property, you shouldn’t wait a moment longer to fix the problem.

If you need help with a hazardous or fallen tree, pick up the phone and call the team that’s won “Best of Home Advisor” for three years running. We’re here to help – and fast. Call (805) 485-0604 now!