Brush Clearance in Ventura, Santa Barbara & LA County


Brush Clearing: Fire Hazard Reduction Service

Wildfires and brushfires can break out at any time in Southern California, especially given the increasingly extreme conditions we face each summer. And while firefighters do their best to stop them from becoming fatal, the best defense is always good preparation.

To save lives and prevent fires from spreading out of control, you need an effective and thorough brush clearance service.


Why It’s Important

Anyone who witnessed the last season of Californian wildfires would be painfully aware of the damage that just a few days of uncontrolled burning can cause.

2018 was the worst season on record for the state, with over 8,500 fires burning at various times throughout the year. Few would forget the devastating effects of the Ranch, River, Carr, Camp, and Woolsey fires, which combined with the others, caused $3.5 billion in destruction over almost 2 million acres, as well as 98 civilians and 6 firefighters lost their lives.

Brush clearing aims to prevent that from happening. It’s not just about protecting your home: it’s about protecting the homes, lives, and economy of this state, too.


How It Helps

Dry brush is the perfect fuel for a hungry fire, so clearing the worst of it will effectively starve the fire of what it needs to grow.

If brush clearance is done by a certified professional, then it can make all the difference to the course and severity of the fire. It can stop a fire from reaching your home, or from jumping from one neighborhood to another, and it can help make it die out sooner.

And remember: all big fires started out as a small spark, often from everyday, otherwise harmless, sources. Without the brush around the property, these sparks won’t have a chance to turn into major catastrophes.


Compliance and Conservation

In preparation for the wildfire season, California heavily enforces its strict LAFD brush clearance requirements on almost all landowners. Inspections are frequent, and non-compliance can face penalties.

If you’re not sure about what you need to do to comply, or what the regulations mean, it’s best to call a brush clearance expert. Arboles Care Tree Service Inc. can do it all for you while still conserving vital native plant species and your natural landscape.


Areas We Service

Whether you’re a home or business, if you need professional, award-winning tree services—including brush clearing—we’re here for you. We’re always happy to help in:

  • Santa Barbara County, including:
  • Santa Maria
  • Santa Barbara
  • Lompoc

  • Ventura County, including:
  • Oxnard
  • Thousand Oaks
  • Simi Valley

  • Los Angeles County, including:
  • Los Angeles
  • Glendale
  • Long Beach

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Protect Your Home, Family, and Neighbors Today

Every day that your brush gets drier, it becomes more of a fire hazard. Fires can happen at any time of the year, so don’t wait for a warning in the mail before you take action.

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